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Diane Lee is much more than an excellent editor who dramatically improved the text of Comfort and Affliction: She became a valued collaborator on my previous book, Thoroughly Biased Opinions, and on this novel. Working with Diane, a licensed lay minister in the United Methodist Church, became a truly meaningful and joyful endeavor. Mike Frosolono – Author of two published books and a third to be published in the spring

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  Diane knows her way around the English language better than most of us. She can write her way out of a paper bag and edit you out of any corner you might have written yourself into. She will take on complex information and write it up into something clear and useful. You *could* buy a new copy of Turabian's The Elements of Style" or dig through the AP Style book, OR you could simply ask Diane to set you straight. Nell Newton -- Student Minister at San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and former co-worker at Hoover's 

Display real testimonials


Diane is one of those rare editors who truly never, ever misses an error. She literally writes the book on language styles and proper punctuation. Working with Diane was a joy and I always knew if I had a question regarding writing styles or anything else at all, she would take the time to respond to me thoroughly and accurately. Diane is a talented team player any company would be lucky to have and I am lucky to have had the chance to learn from her during out time together at Hoover's Inc. Kathryn MacKenzie -- Social Media Manager at River Rock Casino and former co-worker at Hoover's

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I have worked with Diane for the past three years, and she is the most detail-oriented person I know. She kept track of all of Hoover's copy editing mistakes in order to improve the way editors did their job. From the smallest comma mistake to large misspellings, Diane can always find the error. I knew if Diane looked over my work it was definitely 100 percent correct. We were also on an internal company committee together. She always brought great ideas to the table and was an active member of the group. Chelsea Adams -- Production Team Lead at Vertive, Publisher of and former co-worker at Hoover's

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Diane is an exhaustive editor, researcher and writer. Like any true wordsmith, she will partner with a writer to make the piece sharper, clearer and more pointed. When it comes to fact checking, Diane is superb. Greg Perliski -- Director of Editorial at Hoovers Inc.     

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  I do not have command of the English language to communicate my satisfaction with the services provided by Diane, but she does! And that is the point. The initial work she did for me in 2006 is still being used today, which is witness to her mastery with words. Diane later did work for me in 2007. Repeat business is one of the highest forms contentment. My endorsement and recommendation of her is unqualified!  Beverly S. Silas  -- President, Beverly Silas & Associates



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 I didn't work directly with Diane, but her expertise and passion were well-known throughout the company. In addition to her writing and editing experience, she was known for her love of words and her dedication in coaching other writers. Diane also had a passion for ensuring employee engagement was maximized. She went to the leadership of the Company and took an orientation program designed specifically for the editorial department and expanded it to the entire company, creating a sense of consistency and unity amongst the various teams. She also authored the Company newsletter for several years, keeping her teammates informed of happenings around Hoovers/D&B. Jeff Cross -- SVP at TravelClick and former CFO at Hoover's